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Welcome to Gentle Frog’s Bookkeeping Lily Pad, your cozy corner of the podcasting world where numbers tell a story and bookkeeping blossoms into an adventure! Dive in with Rachel Barnett, seasoned bookkeeper, and successful entrepreneur, as she leaps from one topic to another, guiding you through the riveting ecosystem of bookkeeping businesses. Having journeyed through the challenges of building, growing, and eventually selling her own bookkeeping firm, Rachel brings a wealth of experience and heartfelt advice to aspiring and established bookkeeping professionals. With a passion that extends beyond ledgers and spreadsheets, she’s here to offer a supportive platform for industry insights, practical strategies, and the shared experiences that breathe life into the bookkeeping community. Each episode, roughly 20 minutes, is a concise, content-rich package designed to fit into your busy schedule. Rachel welcomes a variety of guest speakers, from thriving bookkeeping business owners to other industry experts, ensuring a well-rounded perspective on all aspects of the profession. They’re not just talking debits and credits; they’re celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit, discussing client relations, marketing strategies, balancing work-life dynamics, embracing technology, and so much more. But it’s not all serious business; amidst the valuable insights are sprinkles of light-hearted moments, personal anecdotes, and the camaraderie that makes the bookkeeping community genuinely unique. It’s a balance sheet for the soul that underscores the human side of numbers. So, are you ready to hop onto a lily pad of learning and laughter? Subscribe to Gentle Frog’s Bookkeeping Lily Pad, and join Rachel Barnett on a transformative journey across the tranquil waters of bookkeeping business mastery. It’s time to make some un’frog’ettable memories in the world of finance!

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Friday May 10, 2024

In this episode join Rachel Barnett and the Bookkeeping Handmaid, Elizabeth Sims, in a discussion on the ins and outs of operating a small bookkeeping business. Tune in as they tackle common questions, and shed light on crucial aspects of running a successful bookkeeping venture. From addressing misconceptions about contractor status to unraveling the complexities of W-9s and 1099s. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, this candid conversation is sure to provide valuable tips and inspiration to fuel your journey in the world of bookkeeping.

Friday May 03, 2024

In this episode, Rachel dismantles the myth of the "super admin" and explores the various tasks that can be efficiently outsourced. From social media management to client communication oversight. Learn how strategic delegation can alleviate bottlenecks, empower your team, and propel your business forward. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just beginning to explore administrative support, tune in to uncover the secrets of maximizing efficiency with admin help.
Grow My Accounting Practice with Mike Michalowicz -

Friday Apr 19, 2024

As your business expands, you might find yourself at a crossroads, needing to bring on additional support. The first step? Figuring out which role to fill. It's important to identify exactly what you need and what will benefit you the most (not what’s trendy or popular). When Rachel embarked on her Gentle Frog journey, she didn't seek another bookkeeper. Instead, her initial hire was her former CRM manager (Nena) who was responsible for tracking incoming leads and nudging—sometimes pushing—her to follow up. This role was all about tying up loose ends. Spoiler: Rachel's need for someone to organize her loose ends hasn't changed in the past five years, this is why you hear about Jess so frequently!
Nena - my former “boss”, CRM manager, and right hand: If you are looking for someone to forcefully nudge you along, reach out to her and ask if she’s accepting clients.

Friday Apr 12, 2024

In this episode, Rachel delves into setting clear expectations for working with your team and explores various strategies to support your team members effectively. She shares insights on creating a collaborative environment where both you and your team can thrive, achieving mutual satisfaction in the working relationship. Rachel highlights practical tools like Slack for communication and the importance of a thoughtful onboarding process.
Otter for transcriptions -
Slack -
The whole team -
Nena, our former admin (CRM manager) who helped shape Rachel and Gentle Frog into what has become -

Friday Apr 05, 2024

In this episode of Gentle Frog's Bookkeeping Lily Pad, Rachel Barnett dives into the silver linings of underbidding projects. Despite the initial feelings of disappointment, she highlights the benefits like cash flow, building relationships, gaining experience, and improving efficiency with software. Rachel also stresses the importance of learning from each project, whether it's mastering a new software or getting better at identifying things to look for when preparing your next proposal. Sometimes the win is that you’ve made someone else’s day better by offering them a screaming deal on their project.
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Friday Mar 29, 2024

In this episode of Gentle Frog's Bookkeeping Lily Pad, Rachel Barnett talks about a bookkeeping dilemma: handling a client who messes up their financial records during the course of a cleanup, making it harder for the bookkeeper to finish the project because they’ve just created a bunch of extra work. Rachel gives an example where this happened (to someone else) and discusses possible ways to address this and other scope creep issues. 
Gentle Frog’s diagnostic review and clean up course:
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Wednesday Mar 27, 2024

Hey there, it's Rachel from Gentle Frog! I'm super excited to share a little something I've been pondering – a group coaching program designed specifically for new bookkeepers.
Imagine a space where we tackle those first-client jitters together, with live support and a treasure trove of resources.
Curious? Click here to learn more let me know if you’re interested.

Friday Mar 22, 2024

In this episode of Gentle Frog's Bookkeeping Lily Pad, Rachel Barnett and Jody Snow dive into the challenges entrepreneurs face, regardless of their business's size. They share insights on creative, budget-friendly marketing strategies that work for people who want to attend in person events as well as for folks who are more inclined to market virtually.
1,000,000 cups:
Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses:
SCORE workshops:
Texas Woman’s University, Center for Entrepreneurs:

Friday Mar 15, 2024

Join Rachel Barnett as she delves into the challenges and revelations of reevaluating her pricing model. This episode offers a candid look at the trial and error behind optimizing course offerings, the power of listening to one's audience, and the importance of being flexible in business strategy. A journey of discovery for bookkeepers and entrepreneurs alike.
“Before You Stop Posting On Instagram or Youtube... You NEED to Watch This.” by Vanessa Lau
12 week year:
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Friday Mar 01, 2024

In this episode, Rachel Barnett explores the concept of niches in the context of owning and operating a small bookkeeping business. She discusses the flexibility of niches, how they can be based on factors like geography or software preference, and the importance of working with clients you enjoy.
Why Kate Josephine Johnson niched in Freshbooks:
Kate’s bookkeeping website:
Accounting Coach:
Julie and Julia:
Moroccan cookbook that I’ve used for years and love: Amazon Cookbook
Here is a 10 min YouTube interview that I found about niches and I really liked it, I found it after recording or I would have mentioned it.
Nerd Enterprises aka Seth David’s 97 and Up group (affiliate link):

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